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Bed Hero Pheromone Perfume for Women - Attracts Men

Bed Hero Pheromone Perfume for Women is a strong man attracting formula. This potent combination of pheromones sends out scents that can be easily detected by men even a few meters away. And you will experience that magnetic feeling! Ladies, we have the best solution for you to seduce any man you want!

It will give you a youthful, healthy and very sexual aura. It will also give you sensual appeal, and encourages people to treat you with gentle kindness you deserve. When you wear this perfume, your self esteem will be enhanced and this will result in getting positive gestures from men. Use Bed Hero for sexual hits or when you want to enjoy more male attention.

Each bottle contains 50 ml (1 or 2 dabs needed per application)
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What does it do?
Our Pheromone Perfume contains a scientifically engineered human sex pheromone (androstenone) that has proven effects on attracting the opposite sex. Just as animals use scents to attract others, humans possess the same senses which are incredibly powerful for sexual attraction! Feel the joy and attraction with this great pheromone formulas.

In creating our Perfume, pure human sex pheromones are added to Perfume that produce a scent designed to immediately attract the women! Our pheromones create an incredibly powerful sexual attraction.

Will pheromones help me get more sex partners?
Yes. But not only that, they can be put to use to make friends, have more success at work, improve sales and close business deals, due to the fact that when you are wearing pheromones, people will like you more.

Does it have a long lasting effect?
The answer is yes. Bed Hero Perfume is a very strong fragrant that stays in your body for over 24 hours. The perfume emits the same level of fragrance all through the day keeping you fresh and sex ready all day long.

How do i apply it?
1 - 2 dabs on clothes or skin

What are the ingredients?
Estratetraenol , androstenone, and copulins mixed with perfume.