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Hoodia Extreme - Herbal Diet Pills

This is an effective weight loss formula, that suppresses appetite and improves energy. It can allow you to lose 1 - 4 kg per week with no changes in diet or any exercise, by just taking 2 powerful capsules per day.

Because Hoodia Extreme has been specially formulated without Ephedrine, you will not experience any of the 'jittery' feelings associated with other diet pills. You will experience improved energy, while at the same time decreased desire to eat.

With Hoodia Extreme diet pills you can effectively achieve your weight-loss goals much more quickly and without suffering the hunger pangs and depression that can come from dieting alone.

Each bottle contain 60 pills (take 2 per day)
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How do I take Hoodia Extreme?
The typical dosage amount of Hoodia Extreme is 1 capsule taken two times daily. Dosages should be taken about 60 minutes before eating a meal. After every 5 days, you should stop taking Hoodia Extreme for two days. To make this easier for you to remember, we recommend taking Hoodia Extreme Monday through Friday. Then, do not take the medicine on Saturdays and Sundays.

How much weight will I lose from Hoodia Extreme?
Results vary per person and depend on factors such as starting weight, percent of body fat and activity level. Without changing your diet or exercising more, most people typically will lose about 2-8 pounds weekly. For best results, we recommend eating a healthy diet and exercising while taking Hoodia Extreme.

What are the adverse effects of Hoodia Extreme?
Most patients do not experience any adverse effects from taking Hoodia Extreme. However, the stimulating effects combined with rapid weight loss may not be well tolerated in some. If you feel nauseous, dizzy, or have other unusual symptoms, stop using Hoodia Extreme and contact your health care provider.

Who should not use Hoodia Extreme?
Hoodia Extreme is safe for almost all people. However, it may not be the right choice for weight-loss for some. If you have allergies to caffeine or any of the ingredients in the pills, then do not use Hoodia Extreme. Do not use Hoodia Extreme if you are bulimic, anorexic, or severely underweight. If you have any serious health problems (such as heart disease), talk to your health care provider before taking Hoodia Extreme.

Is there any side effects?
Generally you should not experience any side effects if used as directed, however if you are on medication or suffer any health problems consult your doctor before use. This Product contains Green Tea which contains caffeine. People with Caffeine allergies should consult their physician before taking HOODIA EXTREME.

What are the Hoodia Extreme ingredients?
Each capsule contains:
  • Hoodia Gordonii extract (PE 10:1)
  • Green tea extract (PE 20%)
  • Bitter Orange extract (PE 20%)
  • Piperine