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Instant Virgin - Spray For Vagina Tightening

If you have found sex to be less exciting and less frequent over time and you and your partner are becoming less interested in each other, a rejuvenated and tightened vagina using Instant Virgin maybe able to help your relationship, increase sexual pleasure and excitment when it comes to sexual activity and improve your personal confidence and overal outlook on sex.

Why would you want to tighten your vagina? Good question! The simple answer is to "Increase friction" When your vaginal walls contract it means the vagina becomes tighter which results in higher levels of sexual sensations and more frequent climaxes just like you had in your younger days!

If you have ever considered expensive and possibly painful surgery or even spending your time to perform exhausting exercises to make your vagina tighter, would you really subject yourself to such a procedure or want to spend your valuable time exercising when it has no guarantee of success and could leave you feeling sore afterwards? The good news is you can stop worrying and relax, because now there is an effective and low cost alternative that is completely pain-free.

Each bottle contains 15mls and is more than enough for 50 applications.
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How do I use Instant Virgin?
Instant Virgin is super easy to apply! Make sure your vagina is clean before use. Open the labium with forefinger and thumb, carefully spray the liquid 1 or 2 times into the vagina. Instant Virgin takes about 3-5 minutes to work. Use according to individual need and have a great time!

How safe is Instant Virgin Spray?
Instant Virgin Spray is an all natural herbal formula that carries no adverse side effects.

Are there any precautions Instant Virgin Spray?
Do not use if you are pregnant, or have any vaginal infections. If you have any skin problems or serious medical condition check with your doctor first.

Are there any side effects?
No its natural base ingredient and there is absolutely no side effects. Extensive research and trials have ensured that instant virgin spray does not possess any health problems short term or long term. Our products are the safest herbal formulations, recommended by experienced doctors worldwide. Increased reordering by our satisfied customers confirms the safety and efficacy of our products.

What are the ingredients Instant Virgin Spray?
Aloe, lecithin, glycerine, butylene-glycol, vinegar, diethylene, glycol dinitrate.